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400,000 children improve reading skills

EHE’s national scale-up of Reading Recovery helped nearly 400,000 school children in 38 states improve their school success over five years. The project helped 62,000 first-graders catch up with their peers in reading at less than $200 per child for the 12- to 20-week intervention. The additional 335,000-plus children were instructed in small groups and classrooms by the 3,747 Reading Recovery-trained teachers.

1,722 students engaged in field experience in local schools

EHE’s Office of Educator Preparation leads the education accreditation process for the university. It coordinates the field placement of Ohio State’s student teachers for three colleges and five campuses. This year, the office placed 1,722 students in 2,971 field experiences in P-12 settings.

9 top-ranked education programs

The US News and World Report annual ranking placed nine of our college’s graduate education programs in the top 15 nationally; three ranked in the top 10. Additionally, the college ranks 10th among other public institutions offering graduate education programs.

14,000-square-foot facility for homeless youth research

Thanks to generous supporters, Star House no longer has to turn away homeless youth due to overcrowding. Faculty and students study this population, publish research results and develop best practices for service, making Star House the nation’s only research-based drop-in center for homeless youth.

$48.6 million in research dollars

Faculty and staff in your college make groundbreaking discoveries every day. From July 2014 to June 2015, EHE researchers spent millions in grants and contracts on projects that serve the world.

200 hospitality management students lead Big Dish fundraiser

On April 7, students completely ran the show. Two hundred Hospitality Management students planned and presented the annual fundraiser for nearly 600 of central Ohio’s hospitality industry trailblazers. The Big Dish raises $25,000 for scholarships each year.