EHE Impact Across the Globe

EHE faculty, staff and graduate students share research and knowledge around the world. Last year, the scope of your college’s reach included conference presentations in these countries plus the U.S., as supported by the EHE Office of Research and departments.

Shanghai, China – Chris Zirkle

Chris Zirkle, associate professor, Department of Educational Studies,  broadened the vision of 150 high school teachers at the Shanghai Construction Engineering School. His work empowered them to help their students by adopting the best of U.S. teaching strategies.

Ottawa, Canada – Brian Turner

Brian Turner, associate professor, Department of Human Sciences, and three of his doctoral students shared their research at the North American Society for Sport Management. Their topics ranged from creating a method for forecasting sport organization sponsorship to predicting football athletes’ academic progress rate scores.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Elaine Richardson

Elaine Richardson, professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, presented at the International Symposium on Literacy and Written Culture. Her research considered factors and teaching strategies that support critical literacy and resilience for black adolescent girls in an after-school program in an under-resourced urban Ohio community.